Our Approach

Achieving a 50 places you in the top 0.2% of students in that subject in the state. This feat not only requires raw intelligence but also exam strategy and experience which can only be passed on by tutors who have been through it. 


That’s why at Premier Education, we have made it our mission to give the next generation of students the tools to head towards the coveted 50.

Small Groups
Big Opportunity

Large classrooms often result in students feeling lectured, with inadequate attention for their individual needs.

At Premier Education, our small group class model ensures that we are able to teach our tailor made curriculum without sacrificing the individual’s concerns while preserving the effectiveness of group collaboration.

This way, we’ve designed a learning experience superior to both private tuition and large classroom lessons.

Comprehensive Notes

We have combined our unique notes from years of experience tutoring into a unified curriculum.


From course content to exam technique, our lessons are designed from the ground up to completely cover all bases and beyond to ensure that students are equipped with the best possible resources for these crucial years.

Regular Assessment

Nothing is more important to us than understanding our students’ progress.


We make sure to understand how our students are travelling by conducting regular formative assessments with detailed feedback so that extra assistance can be provided when required.

Never Miss a Moment

We’ve adopted a modern teaching style with the newest technology to ensure all classes are recorded.


So whether you’ve missed a class or just need a refresher, our lessons are always available for review.

Mindset Matters

Topping the state is a task that not only tests intelligence but also mental fortitude.


That’s why at Premier Education, we mentor students in the correct way to approach VCE in order to avoid burnout and maximise efficiency.


Learn to optimise your time and set effective goals to succeed.

Always Ahead

Our courses stay ahead of the school curriculum so students are always prepared for their classes and assessments.


With over 10 weeks of exam preparation incorporated into our curriculum, students can feel confident when crunch time arrives.

Anytime Anywhere

All students have access to our 24/7 online forum where they can discuss questions with their peers and but also receive a detailed response from one of our tutors.


Whether in class or out, we’re always here to help.

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